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Hope for Gen-Z? Capitalism Camp for ages 5-18

(Flickr / arecknor)

A new camp has been launched to teach children the benefits of capitalism. (Flickr / arecknor)

Liberal politicians have benefited from the education system that has taught millennials about the evils of capitalism and the humanitarian shortfalls of the free market. Well, right-wingers intend to make sure Generation Z doesn’t fall for the same collective belief system.

For $495 a week, parents can send their children between the ages of 5 and 18 to the Spark Business Academy‘s capitalism camp. Bloomberg Business Week reported on Tuesday that the former banking consultant and Georgetown MBA Chuchi Arevalo has developed a plan to teach Generation Z about the benefits of the free market.

The Academy serves children in Arlington, Virginia and teaches them how to “cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset” and “build a stock-market portfolio.”

Students are broken down by age, those in grades K-2 learn the basics of economics like money, savings, and spending. Children in the third through fifth grade get an education on the budget, taxes, and the stock market. Middle school students explore topics of personal finance like credit cards, loans, mortgages, and investment simulation.

In high school, students move on to more advanced topics including investment, budget, and entrepreneurship.

Children aged 6-10 had to draw a product that they want to make, devise a business plan, costs, and mission statement. Downstairs from the younger children, preteens learn about the financial milestones of their life-like credit cards, FICO scores, student loans, and investment portfolios.

Parents of Spark students said that the classes are well worth it because so often teenagers and preteens never see how their parents accumulate money.

A mother featured in the Bloomberg article named Patricia Harrison said that her son Colin came out of the program understanding more adult conversation. Rather than talking about video games or sports, he asked about the Mylan controversy and his stock portfolio.

If an education like this could be incorporated nationwide, it may raise a future generation of capitalists who avoid the bad spending practices of baby boomers or the socialist’s ideals of millennials.

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