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Former staffer refutes racism accusations: “They don’t know Jeff Sessions” [VIDEO]

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“The people who are making these allegations don’t know Jeff Sessions.” (Photo via screenshot)

Trump’s cabinet picks have struck fear into the hearts of many, and Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions, who was recently designated as the president-elect’s pick for attorney general, is inciting a particular panic.

The New York Times editorial board called the selection of Sessions “an insult to justice.”

Garrett Epps, a constitutional law professor and editor for The Atlantic, said, “Three decades ago, Sessions was deemed too racist for the Senate to approve as a federal judge. A man judged unfit to wear a black robe back then will now command the fearful apparatus of the federal government.”

In 1986, Sessions was nominated to serve as a federal judge by the Reagan administration. However, the Senate denied his confirmation after several former colleagues came forward and accused him of making racially prejudiced comments.

Hans von Spakovsky, a senior legal fellow at the Heritage Foundation, argues Sessions “has almost the perfect professional background to be the attorney general,” and called the accusations of racism a “malicious campaign” led by then-senators Joe Biden and Ted Kennedy, “aided and abetted by left-wing activists inside the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division.”

What is the truth?

We don’t know. But, William Smith, a man who Sessions hired as the first African-American chief counsel on the Senate Judiciary Committee, told his side of the story on “Fox and Friends” this week.

“The people who are making these allegations don’t know Jeff Sessions,” Smith said. “They don’t have a history of Jeff Sessions. You look at these allegations from 1986 – they come from a witness who has been really discredited over time. … If you look at 1996, if you look at 2006, if you look at 2016 – no allegations against Jeff Sessions. These people are just bringing up false rumors, just because they don’t like the policies Jeff Sessions is going to bring.”

Fox News host Steve Doocy also pointed out that Sessions has helped desegregate schools in Alabama and he prosecuted and gave the death penalty to a KKK leader.

Watch the interview: