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South Park rips PC culture, liberals who want to leave America post-election [VIDEO]

Mr. Garrison/Trump spending his time as President Elect trolling his doubters who never thought he'd get elected. (Photo via Comedy Central)

Mr. Garrison/Trump spending his time as President Elect trolling his doubters who never thought he’d get elected. (Photo via Comedy Central)

It’s finally happened. Mr. Garrison has finally undergone his Trump transformation per se.

In South Park’s newest episode “Members Only” on Comedy Central Wednesday night, Garrison, who’s been portraying President-Elect Donald Trump, gets the wig, facial expressions, and bravado to complement his orange tan, blue power suit, and red tie.

A week after creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker completely flipped the script by re-writing their episode to show that Trump had won the election and not former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, they were looking to capitalize on the momentum they’ve built in bashing PC culture and liberals trying to leave America.

To be specific, Garrison goes back to South Park Elementary School, where he used to teach but was fired, to gloat. He enters PC Principal’s office, a school administrator/bro who promotes PC culture, and suggests that the principal helped Garrison get elected president. He said that because PC Principal fired him in an earlier season for not being PC enough, his message of being anti-PC resonated so well with people that they eventually voted for him.

Garrison went on to say that the only way to make amends was for PC principal to do something about his “dry dick” (whatever that means).

All in all, Stone and Parker seem terrified that Trump is now president, depicting a scene of Garrison/Trump being ushered around the Pentagon where he’s handed all the secrets, classified material, and the “golden football” that can order a nuclear missile launch in a matter of minutes.

And while in previous episodes, Garrison was petrified of being elected president simply because he didn’t have a plan, he’s now embracing his new role and gladly taking on the responsibilities of trolling his critics as President-Elect.

Now, it’s the liberals who are apprehensive of President-Elect Trump, as people start piling in line to travel to Mars to get off this planet via SpaceX, including pop singer Cher.

In the lead up to the election, Cher (along with many other liberal celebrities) pledged they would leave the United States should Trump win the election. Now, that Trump has won, nearly, if not, all of them have backed down and said they would “fight.”

Watch the entire episode “Members Only” below: