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LinkedIn CEO: Americans care too much about college degrees

(Associated Press)

Skills are much more important than a piece of paper. (Associated Press)

Is college worth it?

While most experts say yes, LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner believes that it’s overpriced and overvalued.

At Recode’s Code Enterprise conference in San Francisco on Tuesday, the professional social media network CEO said that Americans are putting too much emphasis on a college education and not enough on skills and vocational training.

“Historically here, there’s been a tremendous amount of weight that’s been given to four-year university degrees and not nearly enough weight, in my opinion, is given to vocational training facilities and vocational training certifications,” Weiner said.

He continued by stating that it would be more important for people to have a wider array of skills over a formal degree.

“We would do much better if we stopped ensuring that everyone had to have a four-year degree,” Weiner said. “To get certain types of jobs and started being open to the fact that there’s a much broader array of talents and skills and perspectives and experiences that people can be successful.”

 LinkedIn is hoping to bridge that gap with a new online learning company called Lynda which could teach people certain skills in place of a formal degree and then connect with their mother site to find jobs associated with trainees new skill set.

It’s an ambitious goal, but could help break up the university-industrial complex.

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