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After bloody year, Baltimore looks to ban guns. Well, toy guns…

(Image via ClipArt)

How do you stop the wave of murders in Baltimore? By banning guns that don’t shoot bullets of course! (Image via ClipArt)

Baltimore has witnessed two of the bloodiest consecutive years on record, with more than 600 homicides since 2015. The Democrats on the city council are desperate to curb the violence, so they’ve decided to ban guns that don’t cause any harm because a moral victory is just as important.

On Monday, the Baltimore City Council approved a preliminary ban on toy guns, claiming it was in response to a 14-year old boy being shot by a police officer back in April for holding a firearm replica, as reported by the Baltimore Sun.

The City Council President Bernard C. Young stated that toy guns are contributing to violence, which is only true if criminals are throwing them at innocent people.

“It’s something that we should do for the safety of our children,” Young said. “We’re getting stores robbed with replicas. We’ve got people running around with these things, and they almost look real. … I don’t think we should be allowing replica guns in the city of Baltimore, especially with the murder rate we have.”

Well, you know what stops a bad guy with a toy gun? A good guy with a real gun!

After the proposed ban takes effect, carrying a toy gun will earn you a $250 fine for the first offense and $1,000 for the second. The fines would only increase after that.

“The fewer guns we have on the streets, real or replica, the safer it is,” said Councilman Kraft to the Baltimore Sun.

Kraft stated that the ban would not apply to theatrical productions, so anyone doing planning on remaking West Side Story is safe from penalty.

According to the report, Baltimore’s Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake supports the ban.

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