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Student attacked for carrying Trump flag: School blames him, not attackers

(Image via screenshot)

(Image via screenshot)

On Wednesday, a high school student attending Glynn Academy in Brunswick, Ga. was reportedly attacked and chased by a mob of fellow students for carrying a flag representing Donald Trump. The students who instigated the assault have not faced any repercussions.

Caleb Kavanaugh, the 11th grade student and Trump supporter, was told by the high school’s student resource officers that he could be charged for “inciting a riot,” while the school’s principal Scott Spence demanded Kavanaugh not attend school the day after the incident. Kavanaugh was also banned from wearing or bringing any apparel that showed support for the president-elect.

The assault took place when Kavanaugh was walking between classes carrying a Trump flag. He was reportedly approached by a group of male students who began shouting obscenities at him and attempted to rip the flag out of his hands. Kavanaugh then walked away from the group who proceeded to chase him and throw punches in his direction.

“By the time I got to the building for my next class, I looked back and saw a huge group of kids coming my direction. When I got to my classroom, two SRO [student resource officers] took my flag and told me to come with them,” Kavanaugh told Red Alert.

Kavanaugh was then taken to the principal’s office, who reportedly told him to stop wearing clothing representative of Trump.

“After that, the SRO officer said I might get charged with inciting a riot,” Kavanaugh said.

Michael Harris, a junior student at Glynn Academy, confirmed the report Kavanaugh provided to Red Alert.

“[Kavanaugh] was happy that Trump won so he had a Trump flag with him, but when he was walking to his class [another student] tried to steal his flag. Then about 45 African-American students ran at him, trying to jump him for for just having the flag,” Harris said.

“The First Amendment allows him to [support Trump] and the public school is trying to charge him for inciting a riot, but all he was doing was stating that he likes Trump,” Harris added.

In a Facebook post, Glynn Academy student Kyla Hicks told Kavanaugh, “you knew what would happen if you [brought the Trump flag].” Adding, “he was not right and he is not the victim.”

Kavanaugh reported that his family is speaking with an attorney about the incident and will seek legal action if necessary.

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