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Senator Ben Sasse could be your next Uber driver

 (Associated Press)

Senator Ben Sasse has a new hobby (Associated Press)

Nebraskans using the Uber app might get picked up by their senator.

A University of Nebraska student tweeted on Saturday that his Uber driver was Republican Senator Ben Sasse.

Sasse confirmed that he really does work for the ride-sharing company.

“Senator Sasse does tons of Nebraska work events — from changing tires on semi-trucks to feeding cattle at 5am,” a spokesman for the senator told Red Alert Politics. “This work tour was built around the changing and disintermediated economy, a subject he talks about frequently. The senator doesn’t receive a dollar for these work opportunities and doesn’t want to.”

Uber is currently fighting dozens of lawsuits across the country as states attempt to regulate the popular service, and traditional taxi companies argue that Uber does not properly license its drivers.

Sen. Sasse has spoken out against occupational licensing in the past. Earlier this year, Sasse and Utah Sen. Mike Lee introduced the ALLOW Act, legislation targeting increased occupational licensing in Washington, D.C. The senators intend their bill to serve as a model for states to follow.

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