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Muslim admits to faking hate crime, while Trump voters are attacked [VIDEO]

(Anda Chu/Bay Area News Group via AP)

(Anda Chu/Bay Area News Group via AP)

In just a span of four days, liberals went from criticizing Donald Trump for not being able to accept the results of the election to losing their minds when he won.

Liberals have taken to protesting, rioting, crying, attacking people, and faking hate crimes to show that Trump promotes hate.

Faking hate crimes is a favorite activity of the Left, and after the Trump victory, it reached a new fever pitch.

A Muslim student who attends the University of Louisiana-Lafayette alleged that she was assaulted and robbed of her wallet the day after the Republican nominee won the White House by a man wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat.

After a detailed police investigation, she admitted that the entire incident was made up. As a result, police are charging her with reporting a false police report, according to KLFY.

Race hustlers like Shaun King have promoted any story where a Trump supporter allegedly attacked minorities or women without evidence or a police report. The Daily News writer and his ilk are willing to provide 15 minutes of fame and several thousand retweets to anyone who can claim they’re a victim.

Even as liberals overhyped claims that minorities were being attacked, several Trump supporters were being physically assaulted for casting a ballot for the billionaire.

A student at Woodside High School was brutally attacked for writing “I hope he (Trump) wins” on her Instagram account. KTVU reported that the assault was politically motivated because of her outspoken support of the Republican nominee.

In a cell phone video, a black girl is seen attacking the Trump supporter while people sat idly by watching the assault. Eventually, another girl intervened and stopped the fight.

Only 69 more days till the inauguration, that’s 1,660 hours left of being triggered for liberals before they have to call him President Trump.