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Denial: Salty students storm out of class to protest Trump victory

(The Daily Tar Heel)

(The Daily Tar Heel)

It’s been three days since Donald Trump was elected president, and college students are a hot mess.

At the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill campus, roughly 100 students walked out of class to protest Trump’s victory on Wednesday.

Gathering in the quad, the students formed a safe space and talked about how “devastated” they were that the Republican nominee upset Hillary Clinton.

There was talk of destruction when one student spoke to the crowd saying, “It literally all has to go. It has to burn, it has to crash, it has to die.”

One black student went up in front of the crowd and admitted he hadn’t been to a single class that day because he “could not be in really white spaces.”

Organizers of the safe space event claimed it wasn’t a Hillary Clinton rally or an anti-Donald Trump rally, rather it was a place for students saddened by the election to air their grievances (like during Festivus).

As reported by the Daily Tar Heel, sophomore Jenny Kim, an immigrant student, said America wasn’t the same loving country she thought it was when she moved here.

“That just breaks my heart, as someone who really believed in America, who worked so hard to become an American citizen, and had to learn another language to be successful here,” Kim said. “The disease that is affecting our country is not a disease of the body, but it’s a disease of the soul.”

Other students decided to blame ‘white America’ for electing Donald Trump and that all the problems they’re experiencing is because of them.

“Some people gave some passionate stuff from the heart about the pain,” junior Treasure Williams said. “I am feeling the pain as well. But some came up and was blatantly ignorant. This is white America’s problem. You created this system. You enabled this. You fed it. You nurtured it. You kept it close to your heart. You embraced it at Thanksgiving and Christmas and now we’re — people like me, people of color, women — if you are anything that’s not a white man you are feeling the pain because of this decision now.”

Look, I get liberals are upset, but this isn’t solely the fault of white people; 29 percent of Hispanics and 8 percent of African Americans voted for Trump. More Hispanics and Africans Americans turned up to vote for Donald Trump than Mitt Romney in 2012 or John McCain in 2008.

Social justice warriors need to get it together and stop scapegoating one race for their problems. They sound no different than the white supremacists who they claim are oppressing them.

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