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Safe Spaces handed the election to Donald Trump


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Most Americans who are in college or graduated from college didn’t see Donald Trump coming. They couldn’t even fathom the idea that he would one day become president.

They literally could not even.

And yet, here we are. Democrats and liberals throughout the country are picking up the pieces and wondering just what the hell happened?

While many factors contributed to Trump’s victory on early Wednesday morning, including the white working class showing up in droves, Hillary’s baggage, and issues like the state of the economy, one college professor has accurately identified the main driver behind his win: political correctness.

In an article published on the Washington Post, Charles Camosy, an associate professor of theology at Fordham University, points out that college-educated voters are out of touch with the rest of America.

The biggest divide in the electorate wasn’t between whites and non-whites, but between the college-educated and the non college-educated. Six in 10 Americans do not have a college degree, and they voted for Donald Trump.

“College-educated people didn’t just fail to see this coming,” Camosy writes. “They have struggled to display even a rudimentary understanding of the worldviews of those who voted for Trump. This is an indictment of the monolithic, insulated political culture in the vast majority our colleges and universities.”

I wonder what can cause something like that? Oh, that’s right, safe spaces.

If Democrats and liberals didn’t paint Donald Trump supporters as racists and bigots, and instead actually listened to their concerns and fears, then they wouldn’t find themselves reeling from their version of the “Red Wedding.”

The fact that the Left claims that racism, bigotry, and sexism were the reasons why Trump won are absurd. Camosy cites exit polls proving Trump’s victory wasn’t about racism because 29 percent of Latinos and 8 percent of Blacks voted for him, and these numbers outperformed Romney in 2012.

While in everyday life, we tend to gravitate towards those we agree with more when it comes to politics, culture, or religion, but with respect to college, students isolate themselves and scream bloody murder at someone who doesn’t agree with them.

I welcome a Trump presidency because he campaigned on a promise to end political correctness, and millennials everywhere who are sick of thought discrimination, safe spaces, and trigger warnings should keep an open mind about his administration.

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