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Intolerance: College students burn the flag to protest Trump



Less than 24 hours after the election, students at American University have taken to their central quad to protest Donald Trump’s victory by burning American flags and shouting expletives.

Campus liberals are not just relying on public protests, but are also resorting to personal attacks on Facebook. DeLancey Lane, a Student Senator at American University for the Class of 2018, posted a photo of another student with this caption:

“Just wanted to give a birthday shout out to our resident RACISTS. Jennifer Paige hope you’re having a great day celebrating your Trump vote and bday with your Sigma KKKappa sisters!!”

Lane eventually removed the obnoxious post.

While the students are certainly well within their First Amendment rights to burn the flag and say mean things to each other, we must question the environment that is fostering these reactions.

American University is a bastion of liberal academia, and today’s incident only solidifies the sad fact that diversity of thought is unwelcome on campus.

Krista Chavez, a junior at American University and member of the Network of enlightened Women (NeW), the nation’s premier organization for conservative college women, was disappointed in the response of her peers.

“While I respect my classmates’ rights to protest, this is not what our country needs right now. We need healing and mending, not burning and destroying,” Chavez said. “They have every right to express themselves, but I wholeheartedly disagree with their methods. The hypocrisy is also alarming; two days ago, Clinton supporters demanded that Trump supporters suppress any negative feelings in order to heal the country. Now they are doing the opposite.”

Rebecca Malone, a senior at American University and Communications Director for NeW at AU, said, “I’m just really disgusted by people’s inability to have a productive dialogue. Inciting violence only further polarizes the community.”

One thing is certain: Campus liberals are in full support of diversity until it threatens their worldview. Academic institutions are supposed to be places of intellectual exchange where differing opinions are encouraged and civil discourse leads to increased knowledge. American University has failed these students.

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