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“Can I shoot him first?”: Pro-Trump students attacked [VIDEO]



Supporting Donald Trump isn’t easy, you can lose friends, be slandered online, have your property vandalized, be threatened, and even physically assaulted. Students at the University of Pittsburgh were the latest victims of the left’s bigotry.

According to Campus Reform, the group Youth for Trump organized outside the campus library on Monday afternoon and almost immediately began receiving a series of threats.

Liberal activists began shouting at the Trump supporters, cursing at them, and began vandalizing their table. Fearing for their safety the young Republicans ran behind their table as their attackers ripped down their signs off a tree, breaking the branches in the process.

“I felt unsafe when there was a horde of people clapping and cheering along with the girl screaming at me for being a woman behind a Trump table,” said Trump supporter Lindsey Hern said to The Pitt Maverick.

“How can you be a woman and support Trump?” one of the liberal activists screamed at Hern.

Another protestor said that he wanted to shoot the students supporting the Republican nominee.

This is the second time in two weeks that students supporting Trump were attacked at the University of Pittsburgh.

Watch the full encounter below: