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Anti-PC professor ousted from NYU



New York University professor Michael Rectenwald has been forced to take paid leave from his position after his colleagues learned that he had an alter ego on the internet, who attacked social justice orthodoxy on safe spaces and trigger warnings.

The New York Post reported on Sunday that his colleagues pushed out Rectenwald when they discovered that he ran the Twitter account “Deplorable NYU.”

He chose an anonymous account because he feared that social justice warriors would ruin his career if he discussed his opinions publicly. He attacked several hot topics but when he mocked the campus policy on Halloween costumes, students and teachers dedicated to political correctness started a witch hunt to uncover his identity.

“They are actually pushing me out the door for having a different perspective,” the professor told The Post.

In an interview with the school’s independent student paper, Rectenwald admitted that he started the Twitter account and discussed why he had such strong opinions of social justice warrior ideology.

“My contention is that trigger warning, safe spaces, and bias hot-line reporting is not politically correct. It is insane,” Rectenwald told the paper. “The crazier and crazier that this left gets . . . the more the alt-right is going to be laughing their asses off (and) getting more pissed.”

A group of 12 people, including two deans, wrote a letter to the editor of the same paper slamming Rectenwald for not being open and tolerant enough.

“We seek to create a dynamic community that values full participation. Such efforts are not the ‘destruction of academic integrity’ Professor Rectenwald suggests, but rather what make possible our program’s approach to global studies,” the letter read.

The human resources department contacted Rectenwald and told him that people were worried about his mental health given writing anti-PC tweets. He now believes that the whole episode may have cost him his career.

“I’m afraid my academic career is over,” he said to the Post. “Academic freedom: It’s great, as long as you don’t use it.”

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