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CNN solution to saving Obamacare? Punish millennials [VIDEO]



Obamacare premiums are on the rise with insurers raising the rates by an estimated 22 percent in 2017 and will cost an average 27-year old nearly $300 a month.

Rest assured, CNN Money’s chief business correspondent Christine Romans has a solution to this problem: charge millennials more money for refusing to enroll.

Romans appeared on Carol Costello’s show on Tuesday morning and said that millennials were taking a pass on enrolling in Obamacare, choosing to pay the penalty over the Affordable Healthcare’s Silver Plan.

“Fewer of those (healthy) people are coming in, they’re just not coming in like they expected,” Romans said. “Insurers priced the plans too low and fewer companies are offering coverage now, so when you have all of that together, it means less choice, it means higher prices.”

Romans continued by saying that the mechanisms in the law just aren’t working and some changes could be expected. Namely, to save Obamacare, the government needed to start punishing younger Americans with higher prices.

“If you had higher fines on people who don’t come out and get insurance,” Romans continued. “So there are people right now, this year and a lot of people don’t know this, you’re going to be fined $700 if you don’t buy insurance. Right now the bronze plan, the cheapest plan, is still more expensive than that $700. So people say, I’ll pay the fine, I’m young and healthy, ‘the invincibles’ they call them.”

“Maybe if you raised the fees and the fines, maybe those young people would come in and they’d pay their $100 a month and then you’d have more money in the system.”

If there is anything millennials are known for, it’s having lots of disposable income to spend on failing government programs.

Watch the full clips below: