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Lauren Southern assaulted by liberal activists at ‘free speech’ rally [VIDEO]

(via Screenshot)

(via Screenshot)

Lauren Southern of Rebel Media is no stranger to controversy or being in controversial situations. She has challenged many so-called social justice warriors, not just in the United States, but also in Canada and the United Kingdom as well.

On one occasion in Vancouver, Southern told feminists at a rally that “white privilege” did not exist and they tried to have her arrested for simply voicing an opinion. In another incident (also in Vancouver), she challenged left-wing activists on free speech and feminists poured urine on her.

On Wednesday, Southern released a video on YouTube showing how she found herself in the midst of a full on assault from SJW protesters.

While at an (ironically labeled) free speech event in Toronto, she and her team were engaged in a discussion with SJWs. It seemed to increase in tension, but things came to a head when a protester of unidentified gender yelled, “Stop smiling at me, b****,” before grabbing Southern and pulling her toward the protesters. Her team managed to stop the pull and the protester who initiated the assault disappeared into the group.

The camera goes black, but Southern’s team can be heard chanting “shame” at the protesters. When the camera comes back, the police have arrived and ask if Southern is injured. The protesters tried to shout down Southern as she reported the incident to the officers.

At the end of the video, one protester approaches the police and claims to have seen nothing. After repeating her ignorance over and over again, she is seen making an obscene gesture at the camera.

After the confrontation, HeatStreet reported that Southern has reported the incident to the Toronto police and will be pressing charges.

This incident is important because it highlights how free speech is becoming a taboo among the Left, even at a “free speech rally.”

The late great actor John Wayne once said, “Very few so-called liberals are open-minded…they shout you down and won’t let you speak if you disagree with them.” I long for the days when it was just a shouting match. Today, the moment you bring an opposing view, it is now possible to get assaulted simply for disagreeing.