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Targeted for endorsing Trump? Obama admin. sues gay billionaire for millions

(Getty Images)

(Getty Images)

If you publicly support Donald Trump, good luck dealing with the target on your back.

Adding to the long list of Trump supporters who have dealt with being heckled to administrative action or straight up being physically assaulted for their political beliefs, Peter Thiel, the co-founder of Palantir Technologies, is paying the price for his support of the Republican nominee.

The Obama administration is coming after the billionaire following his full throated endorsement of Trump at the Republican National Convention in July by filing a lawsuit through the Department of Labor for alleged “racial discrimination” against Asians.

The lawsuit threatens to cancel every contract Palantir Technologies has with the federal government, a penalty worth more than $340 million.

Details from the lawsuit accuse Palantir of hiring only 16 Asians out of 53 total hires (approximately 30%). Yet, out of 2,020 total applicants, 1,643 of them were Asian, meaning only about 1 percent of the Asians who applied were hired. The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs within the Dept. of Labor calculated that these results were highly unlikely, and this was therefore proof that racial discrimination through the hiring process took place.

Despite the fact that it was admitted for the software engineer position that 11 out of 25 Asians were hired, the Department of Labor’s lawsuit sends the message that a company’s staff should reflect the make up of the applicant pool. It completely abandons the notion of getting hired for merit and instead favors hiring to meet racial, ethnic, or even religious quotas.

It’s not just affirmative action run amok by liberals, it’s a gross misuse of federal resources to make a political statement.

Watch Peter Thiel’s endorsement speech of Donald Trump at the RNC below: