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Anti-Trump Miss Universe proves Trump’s point on immigration

(Associated Press)

(Associated Press)

Former Miss Universe Alicia Machado is the newest victim Democrats are parading to denounce Donald Trump. The former beauty queen is having a field day reliving the horror of being told by the billionaire that she gained too much weight 20 years ago.

Trump actually defended Machado from the press, who shamed her for the weight gain, and encouraged her not to give up her crown. Nonetheless, stretching the truth isn’t the Venezuelan-born model’s only indiscretion.

Machado was an accomplice in a murder, threatened to kill a judge, who sentenced her boyfriend to jail time, and had a relationship with a drug lord that resulted in the birth of her daughter.

When CNN’s Anderson Cooper asked about these allegations, Machado smiled and said “I’m not a saint girl.”

These series of events may deny Machado sainthood, but they didn’t deny her American citizenship. Proving Trump’s point about the need for greater background checks into prospective immigrants.

How does someone with a history of lawbreaking, threatening, and affiliations with drug lords deserve citizenship? Were there no law-abiding Venezuelans without a history, which included assisting in a murder, applying?

And if assisting in a murder is not enough to raise a red flag when applying for citizenship, then what is?

Maybe the federal government just missed this wildly reported fact when looking through Machado’s file? That’s possible given the overloaded system and the fact that the Obama administration eased background checks on legal immigrants back in 2008.

Either way, questions surrounding how someone with a violent and criminal background became an American citizen should frighten people a lot more than the fact that the owner of a beauty pageant wanted to keep his contestants thin.

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