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Conservative student ‘royally’ trolls U-Michigan LGBT pronoun rule



Political correctness has gone wild on college campuses, and while it has been considered a victory for social justice warriors, it has turned into a golden opportunity for conservatives to mock them.

The University of Michigan is the latest example, the school announced on Tuesday that students would be allowed to select their preferred gender online in an effort to embrace inclusiveness towards LGBTQ students on campus.

The proposed pronoun rule allows students to pick the gender online and their choice will be distributed to each of the classrooms.

“Asking about and correctly using someone’s designated pronoun is one of the most basic ways to show respect for their identity and to cultivate an environment that respects all gender identities,” said Provost Martha Pollack and Vice President for Student Life Royster Harper in a statement.

Conservative students saw a window open following the university’s decision to ignore biology for the sake of political correctness, particularly Grant Strobl.

Strobl, chairman of Young Americans for Freedom at the University of Michigan and a Red Alert Politics “30 Under 30” winner for 2016, designated his pronoun as ‘His Majesty’.

Image via YAF

Image via YAF

By the university’s own rules, they must acknowledge Strobl with his royal title or admit to the double standard that some people’s identities matter more than others. #AllPronounsMatter.

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