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‘Twinks for Trump’ creator wants to “Make Art Great Again”

Image via Twinks for Trump

Image via Twinks for Trump

Conservative icon Andrew Breitbart always believed that conservatives should be engaging in culture as much as they engage in politics, claiming “politics is downstream from culture.”

Twinks for Trump creator Lucian Wintrich has taken up that mantle and is raising money for a right-wing art show in New York City.

“Let’s win the culture war,” Wintrich wrote on the Indiegogo page.

After the first public premiere and success of my “#Twinks4Trump” photo series at the RNC, progressives got me fired. Let’s see what they do when we throw a full-scale MASSIVE premiere and art party!”

The artist received a plethora of media — and threats — after the premiere of his gallery show at the RNC. Wintrich’s employers fired him, under pressure from liberal and progressive activists, but he vowed to continue to make controversial right-wing art.

“Naturally, I refuse to stop. I can’t. Free speech matters,” he said in his post. “Not that I mind social attacks, but there’s a problem when those attacks carry over to my ability, or anyone who does not tow the line or fit the code, to earn a living.”

Wintrich has already raised 25 percent of the $22,500 needed in just a single day and hopes to have the project up and running by October.

“There is this idea perpetuated by progressives, that they have full command of the arts, full command of culture. Meanwhile if you look at what they’re doing, it’s: Trump has a micro-penis, is poop with a toupee, a face made of animal intestines or menstrual blood,” Wintrich told Red Alert Politics. “All interpretations of Trump as ‘art’ have been infantile and grotesque. I want to show people that not only is there a robust art scene within the conservative party, but that we don’t have to resort to sophomoric ideas of how to express ourselves.”

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