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Berkeley offers new anti-Israel course taught by radical activist

(AP Photo/Stephan Savoia)

(AP Photo/Stephan Savoia)

The University of California, Berkeley is offering a new class demonizing Israel.

“Palestine: A Settler Colonial Analysis” is taught by Students for Justice in Palestine co-founder Hatem Bazian. The course offers the standard anti-Israel narrative, and accuses Jews of “settling” territory that the British mandated for Palestine.

In an article for the Observer, University of Cincinnati political science professor Abraham Miller discussed the spread of anti-Israel curriculum on college campuses nationwide, and how vilifying the only true democracy in the Middle East reveals the true political colors at these institutions.

“Typically, in the leftist-dominated university, the prevailing paradigm of the Arab/Israeli conflict is that Israel is the last bastion of British imperialism and needs to be eradicated, with every Jew either thrown into the sea or sent back to Europe — even if their families have been living in the land of Israel for a thousand years,” Miller said.

Rather than condemning the UCB course, the University of Cincinnati professor said it should be praised “for publicly announcing that its goal is to explore how Israel might be destroyed. This is incredibly refreshing, a peeling away of the sensitivity and compassionate newspeak that so shelter the reality of universities as cesspools of leftist propaganda,” Miller said.

Although his viewpoint is rather bewildering, he offers an interesting perspective. Leftist university curriculums that often look appealing may provide dangerous conclusions.

Miller said anti-Israel teaching in universities is propaganda disguised as scholarship.

“Because universities grant great license to what passes for scholarship today and there is neither so much as a pretense of objectivity nor a concern for it, the new pro-Palestinian course will be indistinguishable from so many other indulgences in propaganda that dominate the liberal arts and social sciences,” he said. “And this colors not just the study of the Middle East specifically or international relations generally, but also scores of subjects that are defined in terms of simple categorical concepts, such as class, race, and gender.”

Miller also pointed out the UCB professor’s history of activism.

“Bazian denies he is an anti-Semite, but he blocked the appointment of a Jewish student to San Francisco State University’s Student Judicial Council on the grounds that the individual supported the State of Israel and was thus a racist by definition,” Miller said. “Of course, in contrast, Bazian’s support of the terrorist organization Hamas would be considered an embrace of social justice.”

To denounce racism, but not a radical Islamic group that launches rockets from Gaza into Israel and uses its citizens as human shields, is not only hypocritical, but also barbaric.

Miller’s argument demonstrates how today’s “liberal arts” is actually leftist arts. Finally, teaching an anti-Israel curriculum underscores how universities have become not bastions of academic freedom, rather brainwashers and propaganda peddlers.

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