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Save me: Apple needs to build printers

(via Twitter)

(via Twitter)

This is a rare non-political post, but it needs to be said. With the new iPhone 7 set to launch soon, and with more people owning Apple products than ever before, why am I left with a printer that doesn’t work?

Why — in the age of cars that drive themselves and instant apps for everything — has the printer been the only piece of technology to not noticeably advance? Has it become easier to 3D print than to just print on paper?

I abandoned my Samsung Galaxy in 2013 because it was glitchy. Yes, Androids allow customization and have more/better performance stats, but I just prefer something simple that works. I bought an iPhone and have never looked back.

I abandoned my whatever brand PC not long after because I saw the light: Yes, Apples are expensive. Yes, they aren’t necessarily the fastest to new things like waterproofing.

But, they work. Every machine has hiccups, but my Apple products have been exceptionally better. They are intuitive and user friendly, and for a politico with a jock brain, that’s all I need. Just turn on when I hit the power button. Open a program when I open a program. Connect to a network when I connect to a network.

I now own an iPad Pro, two iPhones (work and personal), and a MacBook Air. They all function beautifully.

Yet, every printer I deal with has a problem with its own basic functions — from the commercial-grade machines at work to a decently nice personal printer I bought in 2014. They don’t connect easily to my computer or phone. They’re always broken. The toner is a fortune.

So, Apple, can you save us?

I want printers that work like my iPhone, not a 20-year-old broken vending machine. Apple has had printers in its history, but discontinued them. It’s time to bring them back with a vengeance.

Even if it only  does half the things the latest HP does, I’ll buy it. Charge double what HP does, I’ll buy it. Give me a product that my simple mind can operate in a hurry, I’ll buy it. Just take my money, and give me a printer that works.

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