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NFL star Ben Watson: Planned Parenthood created to ‘exterminate blacks’

Image via Facebook.

Image via Facebook.

NFL star Benjamin Watson, who currently plays tight end for the Baltimore Ravens, is using his fame to speak out against abortion provider Planned Parenthood, and people are noticing. Watson particularly focused on Planned Parenthood’s racist roots, that “the whole idea with Planned Parenthood and Sanger in the past was to exterminate blacks, and it’s kind of ironic that it’s working.”

In the second part of his three part interview with Turning Point, a pregnancy resource center, Watson was asked about race and abortion:

I do know that blacks kind of represent a large portion of the abortions, and I do know that honestly the whole idea with Planned Parenthood and Sanger in the past was to exterminate blacks, and it’s kind of ironic that it’s working. We (as minorities) support candidates, and overwhelmingly support the idea of having Planned Parenthood and the like, and yet, that is why she created it. We are buying it hook, line, and sinker, like it’s a great thing. It’s just amazing to me and abortion saddens me period, but it seems to be something that is really pushed on minorities and provided to minorities especially as something that they should do. In the public, it seems to be painted that when minorities get pregnant they need to get abortions, especially when it comes to teen pregnancy. It’s like when black girls are pregnant, it’s like a statistic, but when white girls get pregnant, they get a TV show…

While blacks constitute 12 percent of the population in 2012, they made up 35.4 percent of abortions. In New York City, more black babies are aborted than born. Watson was referring to Margaret Sanger, a racist and eugenicist who formed Planned Parenthood 100 years ago. In recent years Planned Parenthood has also been caught willing to accept donations to abort black babies.

Planned Parenthood has been talking up their voter registration campaign, “My Vote, My Voice.” Ironically, the organization has been speaking out against so-called voter “suppression” laws for their effect on minority communities. The new campaign is also meant “to engage historically disenfranchised communities,” their manager of youth organizing said.

Watson had written a book about race, Under Our Skin, which is further discussed throughout the interview.

Watson also spoke out against Planned Parenthood and abortion last summer.

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