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Donald Maroney: Tumblr page compares Trump and ’30 Rock’ character

Donald Trump is known for his crazy quotes and antics, much in the same way “30 Rock” character Jenna Maroney is. The brilliant creators of “Donald Maroney” combined Maroney’s words with the GOP nominee’s face to create the trending Tumblr account.

Jenna Maroney’s words. Donald Trump’s face. The worst of both worlds,” the account reads, with a contact email address of

Tahirah Hairston at Fusion asked: “Was Jenna Maroney loosely based on Donald Trump? Did Donald Trump steal his ridiculous campaign one-liners from Jenna Maroney? Or is the Republican Party really a sketch comedy written and produced by Tina Fey? So. Many. Questions.”

The account started just earlier this month.

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