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Trump in CO: I support legal marijuana if the states want it [VIDEO]

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Donald Trump’s trip to Colorado unsurprisingly included some questions about legalizing marijuana. In an interview with NBC affiliate 9NEWS, reporter Brandon Rittiman asked if Trump supported Colorado’s decision to legalize recreational marijuana.

“You think Colorado should be allowed to be doing what it is doing?’ Rittiman asked.

“I think it’s up to the states, yeah. I’m a states’ person. I think it should be up to the states, absolutely,” Trump said.

The interviewer had begun by saying Gov. Chris Christie, a major Trump supporter, wanted to use the federal government to stop states from allowing weed sales. Trump made it clear he disagreed.

This move makes it clear that Trump realizes he needs to win over more young voters, especially in Colorado. Trump has departed from traditional GOP positions on LGBT issues, as well as being more muted on social issues as a whole. This stance on marijuana is more moderate than many politicians on both sides of the aisle, and arguably less restrictive than Hillary Clinton — who has been a longterm supporter of the war on drugs.

Here is the full interview.