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Ivanka Trump’s $138 RNC dress sold out in hours

There’s some bad news for those in love with Ivanka Trump’s look from Thursday night’s at the Republican National Convention. After she tweeted out where to get the look, the moderately priced $138 dress sold out within hours from Macy’s and Nordstrom, TIME reported.

Twitter trolls took issue with Ivanka trying to “profit off of” the convention.

Ivanka also received support as well, particularly for the substance of her speech. Her style also stood in stark contrast to Hillary Clinton.

During her New York primary win speech, Hillary wore a jacket totaling over $12,000. Ironically, she was speaking about income inequality, which did not go over too well. The jacket was also just one part of Hillary’s campaign fashion collection, likely totaling at least $200,000 as of early June.

Macy’s and Nordstrom don’t say if or when Ivanka’s dress will be back in stock, but both offer other Ivanka Trump products. The white floral dress she wore on Wednesday night, which she also designed, is still available on Bonton.

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