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CNN Poll: Viewers loved Trump’s RNC speech, majority more likely to vote for him

. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

The media characterized Donald Trump’s acceptance speech at the Republican National Committee as “dark” and “dystopian,” but the American people watching the speech had an overwhelmingly positive opinion according to a poll.

According to a CNN/ORC poll released right after the end of the convention, 73 percent of viewers had a positive opinion of Donald Trump’s message to the “forgotten man.”

A majority, 57 percent, had a very positive reaction of Trump’s speech and another 18 percent had a somewhat favorable opinion. Only 24 percent had a negative opinion of the speech.

Another 56 percent said that his speech made them more likely to support the billionaire, while just 10 percent said they were less likely, and 32 percent said that the speech didn’t have much effect.

Image via Screenshot

Image via Screenshot

Trump’s speech stated that the majority of Americans have been left behind the political elite, and he said that he’ll be the champion of the forgotten man from unemployed factory workers, to parents who lost their children to illegal immigrants, and African Americans stuck in poor schools and high levels of poverty in urban cities.

The poll asked only people who saw the speech. 41 percent of the respondents identified themselves as Republicans, 23 percent as Democrats, and 36 percent as independents.

While the ratings of Trump’s speech are still not out at the time of this post, it’s expected that it will exceed Wednesday night’s 23 million television viewers.

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