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NARAL’s disgusting ad: “Comedians in Cars Getting Abortions” [VIDEO]

Image via screenshot.

Image via screenshot.

NARAL Pro-Choice America has a bizarre way of showing their support of abortion as evidenced by their recent project of “Comedians in Cars Getting Abortions,” a spoof of “Comedians In Cars” featuring unfunny comedians.

The spoof featured lines affirming the couple’s decision after witnessing a child slapping his father because “we don’t need more of this in the world.”

The rest following the couple as they drive to an abortion clinic that is closed and a pregnancy resource center which they mistake for an abortion clinic. The woman there recites religion and recites ridiculous made up facts about fetuses, including that at eight weeks they can recognize iPhone passwords.

Upon finding an open and actual abortion clinic, the abortion provider has to comply with too many laws and so they are told to just get an abortion in Canada. The video is actually factual there in that Canada is one of the few nations which has more permissive abortion laws than the United States. When it comes to allowing for elective abortions past 20 weeks and up until birth, the United States is one of seven nations and one of four nations, respectively.

The video isn’t just crude in subject matter but language as well, with a line towards the end of “let’s get this shit done” to refer to an abortion.

The video was not only unfunny, it backfired, as Live Action News reported. There were angry reactions from pro-lifers and pro-choicers alike over the YouTube page. There was also a sense of confusion in addition to revulsion:

I’m so confused who this is supposed to appeal to. It’s gross.

Thank you for actually helping the pro-life lobby. People are waking up to how sick you people really are.

This was the most humorless and disgusting videos I’ve seen on YouTube and that’s saying something.

This is so sickening. It’s one thing to be pro choice, it is quite another to openly mock human life and pro life people. But this is why the left will lose on this issue just like they did on slavery, because it is a human rights issue. Just like slavery, or the holocaust this is not in any way funny and whoever helped make it should be fired.

Next up on NARAL, “Nazi Comedians In Cars Gas Jews”.

dude, I don’t get how this is funny. I got a girl pregnant once. was irresponsible. it was a horrible thing that she got an abortion but I couldn’t handle having a kid at the time. but I did she’d some tears over it and seriously considered having the kid cause I didn’t want to hurt it and felt like I was killing a child. I’m sorry but I support woman being able to choose stuff with there bodies, that doesn’t mean it needs to be down played and made in to some meaningless thing.

The video also received backlash over Facebook and Twitter, but the abortion group still decided to advertise it more than once on both social media platforms.

The Huffington Post article that was shared to promote the video at least admits that it isn’t actually funny.

This ridiculous display of abortion advocacy is not entirely shocking considering NARAL made a fuss over a Super Bowl commercial which dared to humanize a fetus.

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