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France has 7th terrorist attack in 18 months, media blames the truck

(AP Photo/Rob Griffith)

(AP Photo/Rob Griffith)

A radical jihadist from Tunisia drove a truck into a crowd of people in the southern French city of Nice where people were celebrating Bastille Day, the French equivalent of the Fourth of July, killing 84 and wounding more than 100.

The American media’s knee jerk reaction was to blame the truck.

France has become ground zero in the war on terror after radical jihadists attacked the European nation for the seventh time in 18 months on Thursday.

Since the attack on the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in January 2015, 230 French citizens have died from beheadings, stabbings, gun shots, bombings, and now, being run over by Islamic terrorists, according to Bloomberg News.

Yet the mainstream media can’t understand the motives of the culprit.

The New York Times published an image of the truck’s route and made sure to include that a Muslim woman was the first killed in the carnage. Stating that victim’s religion was the paper’s only reference to Islam.

NBC News also referenced the truck repeatedly, as if the inanimate object decide to go on a killing spree by itself.

France’s government was no less tone-deaf than the American media. Prime Minister Manuel Valls said to the BBC that the French people must get used to living with terrorism, as if he were stating they had to get used to living with allergies.

Political correctness is more dangerous than radical jihadists. It denies the truth that is clear to anyone willing to see it. Blaming or banning guns, knives, or trucks will not provide any solution to terrorism.

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