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Openly gay Republican pushes for change to RNC’s stances — gets denied [VIDEO]

(Paul Morigi via AP)

(Paul Morigi via AP)

Tuesday morning presented new challenges for the Republican Party as the first publicly gay member of the GOP’s committee platform, Rachel Hoff, proposed an amendment to recognize gay marriage. Her plea was rejected by the 56-member group.

“We are your daughters, we are your sons, your friends, your neighbors, your colleagues, the couple that sits next to you in church,” Hoff noted. “All I ask today is that you include me and those like me and not exclude us by simply acknowledging that thoughtful Republicans represent multiple views on the definition of marriage.”

Hoff’s proposal worked to “revamp the party’s position on marriage to broaden the language to include ‘diverse’ views on marriage and support the ‘strength of all families,’ CNN reported.

Additionally, Hoff identified herself as a millennial, mentioning the majority of right-leaning millennials who accept gay marriage.

“I represent the majority of millennial Republicans who support the freedom to marry,” Hoff said. “I’m also proud to be joined by 64 percent of young Evangelical Republicans who support allowing same-sex couples to marry. If our party wants a future, we should be mindful of these statistics and we must evolve.”

Hoff’s proposal, though rejected, sparked discussion of other LGBT issues, as “members also debated topics such as religious freedom laws, gay parental rights, and conversion therapy,” Time’s Katy Steinmetz said.

“LGBT issues were being discussed in almost every platform subcommittee,” Gregory Angelo, president of the Log Cabin Republicans, a gay conservative group, noted.

Though her efforts for the GOP to acknowledge gay marriage and LGBT rights were denied, her appeal prompted a discussion on the GOP’s stance toward LGBT issues.

“Even if the votes didn’t necessarily go our way, every Republican on the platform committee is at least now aware that LGBT issues go far beyond marriage,” she said.

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