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Despite racist motives, Obama blames Dallas attacks on gun control

 (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

(AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel once said “never let a good crisis go to waste,” and President Obama intends to use the racist anti-police attacks in Dallas for expanding gun control.

Despite the fact that one of the shooters, Micah X. Johnson, had racist motives and wanted to kill white police officers because he was angry and cited #BlackLivesMatter as inciting him, the President is claiming it was the lack of gun control that caused the deadly massacre in Dallas.

“When people are armed with powerful weapons, unfortunately it makes attacks like these more deadly and tragic,” Obama said at a press conference during a trip to Poland. “In the days ahead we’re going to have to consider those realities.”

Obama condemned the shootings and said that the motives were “twisted” but did not cite racism or #BlackLivesMatter as being the motives.

Not much can be expected though. This is the same President who called the terrorist attack by radical jihadists in Orlando as an act of “hatred towards people because of sexual orientation” and Fort Hood as “workplace violence.”

The Congressional Black Caucus, who had members fanning the flames of racial tension by promoting the lie “hands up, don’t shoot,” also renewed calls for expanding gun control.

“We need legislative action now,” CBC Chairman G.K. Butterfield, D-N.C., said at a press conference.

It would help more if the president could speak honestly about the attacks and the CBC could stop promoting the deceptions and falsehoods from the #BLM movement.

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