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Black man misidentified as Dallas shooter for legally carrying rifle [VIDEO]

via Screenshot

via Screenshot

In Texas, citizens in good legal standing can carry a gun openly in public.

Mark Hughes was carrying a rifle at the protests in Dallas last night. When the sniper starting gunning down officers, he and his brother Cory did the smartest thing possible: they went to the police and turned in the gun. They found out that someone had identified Mark as the sniper, despite having no proof.

“I could have easily been shot” before the arrest, Mark realized.

“While the country was looking for you, you were talking to police?” a reporter asked.

“I was talking to police, laughing and joking with the officers,” Mark said.

Cory added, “we went to the cops and asked what could we do? How can we help them?”

Mark after his face was plastered all over the national media, police “interrogated him for 30 minutes,” according to Mark. During these interrogations, Mark alleges that the Dallas police said “they have video of me shooting, which is a lie. Saying they have witnesses saying I shot a gun, which is a lie.”

“So, I mean, at the end of the day, the system was trying to get me.”

Hughes brothers said the police refused to apologize for the mistakes. As of this posting, the interview of the brothers has more than 3 million views. While the Dallas police are trying to heal from losing their own officers, it may be seen as a uniting gesture to make amends with these men who were exercising their constitutional rights.

Here’s the interview from CBS11.

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