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Dems nominate 30-year-old transgender Misty Snow: Is she qualified to run for U.S. Senate?

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AP Photo

Misty Snow is a 30-year-old transgender woman who just won the Democratic primary in Utah for the United States Senate.

When she won last week, liberal keyboard warriors across the country began hovering over their conservative Facebook friends’ pages preparing for battle. However, it is not Misty’s preference for female pronouns and butterfly hair clips that most conservative millennials have an issue with. Perhaps their traditionalist parents and grandparents who still refer to Portia as Ellen’s “special friend” would jump the gun on criticizing Snow, but millennials grew up with Will & Grace and watched their favorite (Republican!) Kardashian star switch teams. The fiscally-conservative-but-socially-moderate majority of millennial conservatives have an issue with Utah Democrats using Snow as a pawn for their own political gain.

During a year in which career politicians have been ridiculously scrutinized, it’s not Misty’s lack of political experience that is her greatest downfall: It’s her lack of everything else. A 30-year-old candidate running for an office in which the minimum age requirement to run is 30-years-old must have had a hell of a resume to make up for it. A 30-year-old with no college degree who works as a cashier at a grocery store has little ability to understand the needs and demands of the majority of Utahans she would represent. Snow cites devoting 30 hours of her week to keeping up with the news as her passion for running. Cute anecdote Misty, but, Netflix-bingeing “House of Cards” on a Saturday night does not qualify me for the Oval Office.

Is Misty Snow Utah’s best choice for a United States senator? Or is it a peculiar and manipulative ploy in order to force opponent Sen. Mike Lee’s hand?

Lee currently represents the state of Utah: the state with the largest Mormon population and youngest heterosexual marriage age. Clearly an unmarried, agnostic trans woman would be the antithesis of a Lee senatorship. Is the group that paid for Snow’s campaign buttons, yard signs, and first eyebrow waxing really interested in the fantastic job Snow will do for the people of Utah? Or are they so interested in getting a trans person elected, they rationalize their exploitation of Snow?

A few states over, Misty Plowright is a transgender female who just won the Democratic primary for a seat in Colorado’s 5th Congressional District. As opposed to Ms. Snow, Ms. Plowright seems to have some actual life experiences and reasons that led to her decision to run for office. Plowright is an army veteran who is currently working as a technical professional. While Plowright’s gender identity may not be the issue Colorado voters have with her lifestyle choices, her polyamorous marriage might be. This begs the question: Is this the type of person liberals want to set the stage for transgender politics? Or is Plowright just another log to throw into the fire for Democrats to push an agenda?

Voters should expect more from their representatives in order to make sure quality and experience matter. Transgender people should expect more of their political allies and make sure they are really trying to represent the LGBT community, not just take advantage of a unique lifestyle for their own personal gain.

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