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New website “Hello Racist!” to shame offensive social posts: Will you be listed?



A new website, Hello Racist!, has been launched to anonymously expose alleged “racists” on the internet.

The site was designed to “expose racism, fight ignorance and be the place where people of all races, religion, and political beliefs can share their stories.”

Users can post links or upload screenshots of online exchanges that included racist content. People can then rate the level of racism and leave a comment about the post. The posts contain memes, videos, online conversations, and personal accounts of racism. The site has more than 12,000 members so far.

In speaking to the Huffington Post, the founder, who wishes to remain anonymous, shared their beliefs that racism is a learned behavior.

“I think when some people are confronted and called out about their racism, it actually does change them,” the founder said. “They become ashamed and embarrassed. But they learn not to do it again.”

The site has been met with mixed reviews. Reddit users view it as a form of censorship and refer to the site as “anti-intellectual,” “reverse racism,” and a “crowdsourced ratting platform.” Many critics also believe that America has become too politically correct and sensitive.

However, the founder of Hello, Racist! believes that racism must be exposed, despite the criticism and the legal and violent threats they have received. “The solution is that to change this behavior people need to be confronted with their actions, the reality of what they are doing and behavior they are engaging in, to make them fully understand and appreciate that what they are doing is wrong, and to make them stop.”

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