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Democrat Detroit: Elected official (and serial felon) faces 3 additional charges

Image: Michigan House Democrats

Image: Michigan House Democrats

In a city run to the ground by Democrats for decades, corrupt politicians like State Representative Brian Banks keep getting re-elected.

Eight-time felon Democrat Brian Banks faced three additional felony charges from Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette on Tuesday. State Representative Brian Banks is currently running for his third term in Michigan’s 1st District, which includes a large part of Detroit.

According to the complaint filed by the Michigan Attorney General’s office, he is charged with two felony counts of “uttering and publishing” both carry up to a 14-year prison sentence, one felony count of “false pretenses” with the intent to defraud or cheat, which can carry up to a five-year prison sentence, and one misdemeanor count of “false statements” regarding his financial condition.

According to the Detroit News, his eight previous felony convictions were for credit card fraud and writing bad checks. But, it gets worse. Banks was evicted from his home for not paying rent in 2012, he faced eviction seven times in recent years, had two cars repossessed after not making payments, and he has been accused of sexually harassing a staffer who claimed Banks had him perform oral sex.

Ironically, on his campaign website it says, “in 1999 when he stood before an Oakland County Circuit Court Judge that Brian knew and realized that it was time for him to grasp a hold on his life.” Clearly this realization didn’t last long.

Some may ask, with all these lawsuits, does he have time to legislate? The answer apparently is: NO.

He hasn’t passed a single piece of legislation he has authored during his two terms according to the Michigan Legislature database. That means that the residents of the economically challenged Detroit district are paying Banks $71,685 per year, or a total of $286,740 for his two terms, for no new laws. And, he can’t even pay his bills!

Banks is blaming Republicans for his new charges, his attorney writing in a statement, “Based on the facts, the ridiculous nature of the charges, and timing, it is clear that the charges are politically motivated. There is no other logical explanation.”

Even with these new revelations Banks is favored to win the Democratic primary due to name ID and timing so close to the August 2 primary. William Broman is the only Republican in the race, and is poised to create a competitive general election in the 1st District. Broman released a statement, “It is unfortunate that we must continue to question the integrity of elected leadership in the first district.” He says he has, “a clear strategy for how we can improve the district and Detroit as a whole.”

Michigan’s First Congressional District covers Grosse Pointe, Harper Woods, and Detroit.

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