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I’m the youngest RNC delegate. Trump lost my vote. [EXCLUSIVE]

 (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)

(AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)

While I am only 17 years old, I take my job as an American voter very seriously. So seriously, in fact, that I have decided to participate in the electoral process as the youngest delegate to the Republican National Convention (RNC) in 2016. It is an exciting, yet daunting task, as my presence will give a voice to the millennial generation.

Without this millennial generation, the party will grow stagnant and cease to exist. That’s why young Republicans like me are trying to grow the Republican Party, but we cannot do it with Donald Trump.

Along with many other young Republicans, I was inspired by the likes of U.S. Senator Rand Paul and the principles of liberty. Principles such as limited government, fiscal responsibility, and a rational foreign policy resonate with us and inspire us. My generation believes these principles to be true, and we will continue to support and fight for them. More importantly, we will fight for and stand alongside the candidates who embody them.

We are your rallied activists — your door-knockers, cold callers, and envelope stuffers. We are able and ready to put in the work necessary to elect a candidate who is willing to fight for the principles of liberty. But one key issue remains: Donald Trump does not embody these principles.

Take a look at the polls, or rather walk around on a college campus, and you will see that Donald Trump is not the candidate who most young people wish to support. The reality television star turned politician is an opportunist at best. He says what is politically advantageous in the moment and stands on very little principle. As Trump’s true colors reveal themselves through his inconsistencies and falsehoods of true conservatism, it inevitable that his support will fade.

While Trump does not have a congressional voting record to examine, what he does have is a campaign based on inconsistencies and shiny objects. With regards to both domestic and foreign policies, he really doesn’t take any consistently principled stances at all.

From protecting the sanctity of life to protecting our second amendment rights, Trump has not taken a strong stance and has illustrated weakness leading up to the general election. He is not pro-liberty, especially in his support for mass surveillance and censorship of the media. These issues are critical to young people, and Trump lost my vote because of it.

Young people are most admired for calling a spade a spade. We see through phony personas and there’s nothing we hate more than someone who says one thing and does another.

This is why my generation cannot and will not support Donald Trump’s bid for president.

When I decided to run as a delegate, I did so to be a mouthpiece for my generation, and come July 18th, we will have spoken quite clearly. We want a pro-liberty candidate, which is why I cannot support Donald Trump at this year’s national convention.

I will not be voting for him, and I urge other delegates to do the same. Instead, I will vote for the man that has defended and fought for the principles of liberty that my generation wholeheartedly believes in. That man is Senator Rand Paul.

The principles of liberty are the future of the Republican Party. If we wish to be competitive as a party, we must take our message across the country, while also remaining true to the Constitution. My generation will continue to fight for the liberty movement as the future of our party, and as the way only forward for our country. Join us.

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