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Good guys with guns stop shooting in Maine

Image via Twitter

Image via Twitter

Another mass shooting nearly ended the lives of scores of people — but two good guys, armed with legal handguns, stepped in and saved the day.

At a Walmart in Augusta, Maine on Sunday, two cars carrying four occupants parked and began to exchange gunfire. When the gunmen ceased fire, one of the suspected shooters exited the automobile to approach his target to finish them off, reported WLBZ.

The two “good guys,” including Daniel Chavanne, who had a legal firearm, approached the suspected gunman and stopped him from murdering men in the other car.

According to the police report, only one of the men involved were injured. A bullet grazed the stomach of Kwiesha McBride of Harlem, New York.

The injured gunman was arrested for trafficking heroin and reckless conduct with a firearm. Another two of the gunmen were also from New York, with the fourth being from Augusta, Maine.

Despite the fact that two lives were saved, liberals are likely to continue the myth that “good guys with guns” don’t actually exist.

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