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Philly welcomes DNC protestors by re-opening a prison: Look out, Bernie Bros

Associated Press

Associated Press

Thousands of Bernie Sanders supporters are planning on protesting the Democratic National Convention in July and the city of Philadelphia is welcoming them by reopening a prison with the expectations that a few hundred of the Vermont Senator’s fans will be spending the night.

Officials with the city’s prison system announced that they were re-opening the 120 year old Holmesburg Prison in order to conduct mass arrests if events turn violent, reported the Associated Press.

The prison has been close since 1995 but officials are predicting that they’ll need every available prison bed they can spare and Holmesburg can house 100 people.

Philadelphia has been giving out mixed signals on they’ll treat protesters, while the prison system is expecting mass arrests, the Philadelphia City Council voted back on June 7 to give protestors guilty of disorderly conduct, blocking a street, or failing to heed a request to disperse can be fined.

So on the bright side the city council has given an almost get out of jail free card, but if they are arrested their being shipped to a prison that’s been closed for 20 years.

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