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Millennials prove the world wrong: Working longer hours than older generations [STUDY]

Attendees use Huawei MateBooks at a launch event in Beijing, Thursday, May 26, 2016. Chinese tech company Huawei officially launched the 2-in-1 notebook computer on Thursday, which aims to compete against devices such as the Microsoft Surface and iPad Pro. (AP Photo/Mark Schiefelbein)

(Mark Schiefelbein via AP)

The lazy millennial stereotype fails again: a recent ManpowerGroup study proves millennials work harder and longer than their predecessors.

Older generations tirelessly accuse millennials of being lazy, disloyal, and entitled. The study reflects otherwise.

Conor Cawley of Tech.Co noted that “according to the study, one fourth of millennials around the world are working more than 50 hours per week.” He added, “I’m sure you are more than capable when it comes to mathematics, but that’s 10 extra hours per week! In what world could these industry workhorses be considered lazy?”

It’s refreshing to hear something encouraging about the generation that continues to be the subject of constant complaints.

“Apparently, three fourths of all millennials are already working more than 40 hours per week, a standard set by the ‘hard-working’ generations of the past,” Cawley wrote.

As there have been increasing reports of millennials fleeing to countries overseas seeking jobs of value and new experiences, studies show they are working even harder abroad than they are in the states.

“Approximately 59 percent of these young professionals say they’d move to a foreign country for work,” Emmie Martin wrote for Business Insider.

Millennials are proving previous generations wrong, as many are working more than 45 hours per week in countries such as Japan, Switzerland, Greece, and India.

Their desires for valued work and new experiences in different countries trump the hundreds of thinkpieces that dumb down the generation.

Continue to prove the older folk wrong, millennials — soon enough, you’ll be their bosses.

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