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#BlackLivesMatter protestor storms stage, threatens to slug Milo Yiannopoulos [VIDEO]

Image via Screenshot

Image via Screenshot

Wherever Milo Yiannopoulos –“the Kanye West of Journalism” — goes, social justice warriors come out of their safe spaces and attempt to silence his opinions in the name of tolerance.

Breitbart reported that Black Lives Matter activists and liberal protestors stormed the stage during the conservative firebrand’s speech at DePaul University on Tuesday, forcing it to end abruptly.

Activists ran up on stage, grabbed the mic and began screaming and threatening physical violence against Yiannopoulos, while his supporters chanted “get a job.”

The male ringleader behind the chaos and threatened to punch Yiannopoulos was identified as Edward Ward, a church minister whose Christian values were on full display during the protest.

Ward’s threat were met with no reaction by campus security, who did not remove him from the stage or react when he threatened to punch Yiannopoulos in the face. That same security was paid for by event organizers and Breitbart.

The female protestor screamed “Black Lives Matter,” while Ward chanted “Feel the Bern” and anti-Trump remarks.

Yiannopoulos decided to cut the event short and instead hold a meet and greet, personally answering questions and taking photos with supporters.

Allegedly and ironically, Rico Tyler, the Associate Vice President for Diversity, Empowerment, and Inclusion, refused to allow Yiannopoulos back inside the auditorium once he left the building.

Before the event even started, hundreds of social justice warriors marched and chanted that the openly gay Breitbart Tech editor was “racist, sexist, and anti-gay.” That same chant has been used for decades now, can’t they think of something else that rhymes?

Even after protestors were able to shutdown the event due to the lack of effective security, they did not relent their verbal attacks on Yiannopoulos’ fans and supporters, assaulting them as they left the auditorium.

DePaul’s student newspaper praised the protestors as activists against “hate speech” and blamed the private university for giving Yiannopoulos a platform to hold his event.

College Republicans also slammed the university in a statement to Breitbart, where they said the refusal to act against the protestors was a “sad verdict on the American campus today.”

“We wanted to put on a good event; bring some new perspectives to the modern issues of our day and have some fun. Regrettably, militant protestors decided to hijack the event. Loud whistles, threats of violence and straight up suppression of speech. There was no discourse, no Q&A, just fascism,” said the College Republicans in the statement.

“Additionally, DePaul security’s response to the thuggery was utterly shameful,” the continued. “We spent thousands of dollars and countless hours to get the proper security and put this event on, but when security was actually needed, they did nothing.”

In one small ray of light during the event, a minority student identified as Katie grabbed the mic and slammed the protestors as “lazy and disrespectful” and shaming their parents.

Watch the entire speech below including the student’s speech at the 56:50 mark: