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Gingrich: Trump will reach out to younger voters, will benefit from DNC in-fighting

Image via screenshot.

Image via screenshot.

Trump supporters Ben Carson and Chris Christie have been in the news and parodied for their role in assisting Trump. But, Newt Gingrich has also been close with Trump since endorsing him earlier this month and is at the top of the short-list for Trump’s running mate.

Gerald F. Seib of The Wall Street Journal spoke with the possible future vice-president about how the presumptive nominee will “expand his base.”

Gingrich specifically mentioned youth outreach, “particularly if Sanders does continue losing and if Sanders turns this into a really bitter fight with Hillary, which looks like it’s starting to develop.”

Trump could use that fighting to his advantage.

“The Democrats could have a much worse convention than the Republicans,” Gingrich said, predicting that “there may be a whole lot of Trump effort the week after the Democratic convention to offer a home to people who are pretty mad.”

A recent ABC poll showed a surge of support for Trump thanks to a millennial swing. Sanders supporters are abandoning Hillary Clinton, as other polls also reflected. Trump has been courting — and believes he could win over — Sanders supporters.

Sanders was recently granted more say in the Democratic convention, The Washington Post reported. His supporters have already been planning to make their presence known in more disruptive ways, as they’ve secured protest permits during all four days of the convention.

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