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“Gender bender”: In NYC, 31 official gender pronouns to choose from

(AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

(AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

New York City now allows people to choose from at least 31 different gender identities, several of which let people fluctuate between male and female.

The 31 gender identities include identities such as “two spirit,” “third sex,” “gender bender,” and “gender gifted.” Somehow, the city does not provide definitions for any of the identities. However, the University of Wisconsin and the University of California Berkeley provide definitions for any interested party.

A city official told the Daily Caller that all the gender identities listed on the city’s website are protected by New York City’s anti-discrimination laws. In addition, rules implemented by New York City’s Commission on Human Rights could subject any businesses that don’t respect an employee’s chosen gender identity to a fine ranging from $125,000 to $250,000. The Commission also said that it is illegal to discriminate against a gender identity in public spaces and in housing.

NYC’s Commission of Human Rights also said that their new laws also allow individuals to use the bathroom or locker room of their choosing without providing proof of their gender, be addressed by their preferred pronouns, and follow dress codes and grooming standards that are consistent with their chosen identity.

New York City published the 31 gender identities and gender identity laws on a card in 2015. Laws regarding transgender people and gender identities have garnered national attention recently after North Carolina’s bathroom law was passed and Mississippi passed a law saying businesses don’t have to cater to homosexuals and transgendered people.

New York City’s compliance laws stating that businesses must treat respect all gender identities or face fines is the complete opposite of the laws put in place in Mississippi and North Carolina. New York City is telling its businesses how it must act with regards to gender identities, whereas Mississippi and North Carolina’s laws give businesses and individuals the freedom to decide how they want to approach different gender identities. Simply put, New York City’s government is telling businesses and people how to act and those two controversial laws in North Carolina and Mississippi give the power to the people.

Most large cities throughout the United States have anti-discrimination laws for sexual orientation and gender identity. Some states have statewide anti-discrimination laws and some counties have similar laws as well. It is unknown whether or not another U.S. city recognizes 31 different gender identities like New York City does.

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