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NC school board: Naming valedictorians is “unhealthy” competition

Image via Screenshot

Image via Screenshot

Millennials and Generation Z really can’t be blamed for being “soft” or “lazy,” especially when Baby Boomers, like the ones who make up the Wake County School Board, do everything in their power discourage motivation, competition, and winning.

The Raleigh News & Observer reported that the Wake County School Board recently approved a policy that would abolish the practice of naming valedictorians and salutatorians after 2018.

Rather than naming the two individuals who earned the highest grade point average, the board announced that schools will recognize all seniors with Latin titles such as ‘cum laude’ if they have a 3.75 GPA or higher — almost everyone gets a trophy.

Boomers that make up the school board said that seniors were trying too hard vying for the top spot and it promoted unhealthy competition. They claim abandoning this system will allow students to take classes that really spark their interests.

Put down your trigonometry books and take a film appreciation class — you want to be able to have a career someday, right?

“We have heard from many, many schools that the competition has become very unhealthy,” school board Chairman Tom Benton said in an interview with The News & Observer. “Students were not collaborating with each other the way that we would like them to. Their choice of courses was being guided by their GPA and not their future education plans.”

While the final plan won’t be approved until June 7, state law requires that schools still keep tabs on each student’s class rank on their transcripts.

Students will still be able find out their rank, but instead of being able to make a dignified speech at graduation they can just gloat on social media.

Baby Boomers can’t complain that younger generations are entitled when they are the ones handing everyone a trophy.