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North Dakota becomes 9th state to reject Common Core

(LM Otero / Associated Press )

(LM Otero / Associated Press )

North Dakota has become the 9th state to reject Common Core academic standards, and has replaced the federal curriculum with a model crafted by teachers.

The state’s Superintendent for Public Instruction Kirsten Baesler released a statement on Tuesday announcing that the Peace Garden State was saying ‘peace out’ to Common Core.

The Daily Caller reported that new state math and science standards will be crafted by two committees that include about 60 middle school, high school, and university teachers.

“Written by North Dakota teachers … for North Dakota students,” is the group’s motto.

Another three committees made up of parents, elected officials, and business leaders will also have a chance to review the new standards once the plans are completed. The public will also be to see the curriculum in advance and provide input.

Baesler said she hoped to have the standards completed and ready to go by the fall of 2017.

While many people support getting rid of Common Core, especially the Republican legislators who voted to repeal the law back in 2015, having too many people involved with the creation of the new standards may be troublesome.

The new standards may end up better reflecting the needs and demands of North Dakota students, or they may end up beholden to too many special interests.

Either way, this could be the blueprint for other states to follow as they walk away from federal education standards.

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