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Cruz wins 77% of VA’s statewide delegates, earned only 17% in primary (3rd place)

via Twitter

via Twitter

Senator Ted Cruz has won 10 of the 13 statewide delegates available at the Republican Party of Virginia convention. These 13 are separate from the three per congressional district that have been or will be selected as well.

While Cruz won 16.9 percent of the statewide vote, he earned 77 percent of the statewide selected delegates. In the March primary, Cruz finished in third place behind Senator Marco Rubio who got 31.9 percent and Donald Trump who won with 34.7 percent of the vote.

Even if you add Rubio’s percentage to Cruz’s, it is still well short of the 77 percent of the delegates Cruz won yesterday. Notably, not all 10 non-Trump delegates are loyal Cruz supporters. Virginia House of Delegates Majority Leader Tim Hugo was among them, and he was the state chair for Rubio’s campaign.

Similar instances happened this weekend in Missouri and Arizona, angering Trump supporters nationwide. The rules of these conventions have long been established, and almost any Republican who can get to these conventions can participate. At the Virginia convention, a Republican simply had to register for the convention and drive to Harrisburg, Virginia, in order to vote.

Cruz turned out more voters than Trump did for this convention, although the weighed vote was extremely close. These delegates weren’t selected in a “dark room” or by any shady processes. However, Trump’s supporters statewide who were unaware of the convention are still upset. As Cruz continues to win these contests, the need for Trump to secure 1237 bound delegates for the first vote in Cleveland becomes even more critical.

Here are some tweets from the Virginia GOP convention.

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