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College kids: A short white man can identify as a 6’5 Asian woman [VIDEO]

Image via Screenshot

Image via Screenshot

Studies show millennials aren’t religious, but they are plenty indoctrinated by the church of ‘social justice,’ where race and gender are just social constructs capable of being easily dismantled.

The Family Policy Institute of Washington used this mindset in a video released April 13, in which students were asked about transgender bathrooms and whether someone can really change their race or gender.

Most students agreed that anyone should be able to use whichever gendered bathroom they identified with, even if they weren’t born as a member of that sex.

“Whether you identify as male or female, and whether your sex at birth is matching to that, you should be able to use the resources,” said one female student.

Joseph Backholm of FPIW, a blue-eyed caucasian man, took it to the next level and asked students whether they would accept him as a woman, despite the fact that he was clearly a man.

They all said yes — the white students tried especially hard to show how welcoming and open-minded they were to that idea.

Backholm took it a step further, and asked students if they’d agree if he said he was Chinese.

“I mean, I might be a little surprised, but I’d say good for you, yeah, be who you are,” said one female student.

Several students asked if he had Chinese ancestry or why he felt he could consider himself Chinese, but still, no one outwardly rejected the notion.

The interviewer doubled down again and said that he wanted to be considered seven years old. While some disagreed with him, no one said he shouldn’t be able to enroll in a first grade class.

“If I were to tell you I’m 6’5″, what would you say?” asked the much shorter interviewer.

While students rejected the notion that he was that tall, they all came to the conclusion that it’s fine for him to call himself the wrong height, as long as it doesn’t harm anyone else.

Social justice warriors truly believe anyone can be anything — even if it’s a 6’5″, seven-year-old, Chinese woman with male anatomy. What a time to be alive.

Watch the whole video below: