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Viral: Rubio staffer pranks sister, convinces her of zombie outbreak after dental surgery [VIDEO]

Image via Screenshot.

Image via Screenshot.

A staffer for Marco Rubio recently had success in going viral, but the attention came for zombies, not politicians.

Cabot Phillips, the digital grassroots director for Senator Marco Rubio, tamed up with his brother to prank their sister after she had her wisdom teeth removed.

Using, a fake radio alert, they convinced her a zombie apocalypse was happening.

“We’re not the U.S. Marines. Why can’t we start going now?” Millicient, their sister, asked, as Cabot took her to their brother’s instead of fleeing to Mexico.

Cabot borrowed some garden tools and gave Millicent a crash course on protecting herself.

“You’re gonna need to defend yourself – I can’t be with you the whole time,” he said.

Watch the full video below.

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