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#TheChalkening: Pro-Trump sidewalk chalk contest kicks off over the weekend

The best may yet to come with pro-Trump sidewalk chalk messages, as Old Row announced their contest on April 1 for the best campus chalking.

Students for Trump has also joined in on the fun, and is asking those who submit their sidewalk chalk messages to tag them as well.

The contest was not an April Fool’s joke, though the student’s overreactions to pro-Trump messages appearing at campuses at Emory University, Scripps College, the University of Kansas, and the University of Michigan seem like a joke.

The results have been pouring in since Friday, with Old Row updating their Twitter with new chalk messages. The submissions have also been part of a trend known as #TheChalkening, with Emory University relevant once more for it.

Old Row called the contest a way to “Make Trolling Great Again,” and tweeted out that “Trolling is a habit.”

Dan Scaviano and Milo Yiannopoulos have also taken note of #TheChalkening.

As  HypeLine emphasized about the contest, one doesn’t have to support Trump to take part. As Emory University students overreacted, contributors pointed to hysteria as what might make them support Trump, actually. Rather, the contest is about participant in “one of the greatest responses I’ve seen to our politically correct society.”

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