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Liberals triggered over Kimmel segment with Hillary on ‘mansplaining’ [VIDEO]

Image via screenshot.

Image via screenshot.

Hillary Clinton, no stranger to talk show appearances, joined Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday night to address some serious issues.

A highlight of her appearance included Kimmel “mansplaining” to Hillary, which he said would be her “secret weapon” to win the election.

Kimmel asked Hillary to give her stump speech, while he offered criticism from a male perspective.

“You don’t have to shout like that, it hurts my ears,” he interjected, complaining that Hillary was speaking too loud. “It comes off as a little shrill, for men. You’re making a speech, not an arrest.”

Hillary toned it down, only for Kimmel to tell her to speak up, and said “you’re like a mouse up there.” He then told her to smile more, which ended up coming across as “too forced.” Kimmel suggested she ask herself, “Do I want to be president, or do I want to be a Lakers girl?”

Eventually, Hillary explained to Kimmel that “your comments are kind of contradictory… it’s like nothing I do is right.” The issue, as Hillary figured out, was that she’s not a man.

Liberal and feminist sites rushed to report on the segment. Jezebel was far too angry to even appreciate the humor, noting that “this is all too close to the truth to even be a joke.” Slate couldn’t seem to grasp the parody either, writing that Kimmel “didn’t quite take the hint.” However, Vox referred to the segment as “perfect” and “brilliantly parodied,” and The Mary Sue called it “a pretty great bit.”

Kimmel and Hillary also discussed campaign finance, and debated Donald Trump, the Supreme Court, and her e-mail scandal. This may be the most open and specific Hillary has ever been about her e-mails, though it involved laughter, and talk about apples and marijuana.

Kimmel offered some improvements for Hillary’s slogan, to compete with her opponent’s “Feel the Bern.”

“You Be Hillin'” was one, as well as “Hillin’ Like a Villain.” Hillary thought “we can do better,” and wasn’t much more impressed with “Take a Hill Pill.” There’s also “Netflix and Hill,” which got the most applause from the audience. She did at least chuckle at “Hillary Rod-DAMN!”

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