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Third Party: Libertarian polling at 11% versus Trump, Clinton


In the latest Monmouth University poll, Gov. Gary Johnson is polling in the double-digits as a third party Libertarian candidate against Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Johnson polls at 11 percent, while Clinton at 42 percent and Trump has 34 percent.

The RealClearPolitics average — which excludes third party candidates — has Trump trailing Clinton by more than 10 percent. With poll numbers that bad and a divisive campaign, Trump is inviting a third party challenger if he becomes the nominee.

via Screenshot

via Screenshot

Some has spread rumors that former Texas Governor Rick Perry is contemplating a third party run, although as Johnson has pointed out, many of the vital filing deadlines have past.

Trump’s big problem in the polls has been with younger Americans, many who lean libertarian. As we’ve documented, many young conservatives would consider bailing the Republican Party if Trump wins the nomination. 

This Monmouth poll would suggest that many of these disaffected young voters would vote for Johnson. And, like Sen. Bernie Sanders, Johnson has a catchy millennial hashtag: #FeelTheJohnson (we aren’t kidding).

via Monmouth/Screenshot

via Monmouth/Screenshot

Johnson isn’t guaranteed to be the Libertarian Party nominee, as Austin Peterson is also seeking the Libertarian nomination and has significant support. In 2012 as the Libertarian nominee, Johnson received more than 1 million votes — the most of any Libertarian ever.

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