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Black Trump: Daily Show re-enacts WaPo interview verbatim [VIDEO]

Image via Screenshot.

Image via Screenshot.

Some parts of Donald Trump’s Washington Post editorial board interview were so absurd, The Daily Show had to re-enact it verbatim.

The unbearable confusion of Trump doesn’t stop with his foreign policy. One of the stranger moments in his interview centered on how Trump viewed his spat with Marco Rubio over the size of his hands. The exchange diverted from Trump’s goals as president, but it was a glimpse into his psyche and how he views the presidential election. Comedian Roy Wood, Jr. read the transcript as Black Trump.

This re-enactment is a verbatim excerpt from Donald Trump's interview with the Washington Post editorial board starring Roy Wood, Jr. as Black Trump.

Posted by The Daily Show on Wednesday, 23 March 2016

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